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Banku And Okro Stew

Nima: Thieves Break Into A Chop Bar, Steals Banku And Okro Stew

The news we hear this days are very shocking and confusing. Why will a thief break into a chop bar at the first place? Why will banku and okro stew be a thief’s main target?

Information reaching has it that, a popular chop bar joint in Nima has been robbed by thieves on Monday morning, the thieves made away with 45 balls of banku and a basin of okro stew with tuna,salmon,wele and cow feet.

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Our source disclosed to us that, a witness close to the chop bar heard some noise around 2am Monday but couldn’t go out to check where exactly the noise was from due to the scary nature of nima. Another eye witness who claimed heard the same noise said she piped from her window and saw four young men around the chop bar window.

According to the second eye witness, two of the guys passed through the window of the chop bar and were passing stuff to the other two standing outside. She wasn’t able to recognize any of them since they had a mask on and the hole she was pipping from was small.

When the chop bar owner got to her work place in morning, she found out her banku and okro stew was gone her 740 Cedis was still in her  drawer, they couldn’t take the money.

The chop bar owner is yet to report the case to the police.

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