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Mamprobi: 23yrs Old Guy To Marry MTN QwikLoan

Information reaching our desk has it that, 23yrs old James Nii Newman is planing on marrying MTN’s QwikLoan.

This has brought shock to many residents in Mamprobi to the extent of tagging Newman insane. In fact his own family thinks he is loosing it upon making such announcement to them.

Friends of Newman wanted to take him to pantan upon hearing the news. According to a close friend, Newman use to have a beautiful ewe girl whom he was dating. Everything was going soo smooth in their relationship and they the friends even thought their relationship is leading to marriage because the lived and behaved like couples. They hearing the current insane news surprised them a lot and they are still finding out reason for such decision.

When the news got to, we quickly rushed to Mamprobi just to find out more about the happening. We met with Newman and he explained to us his reasons of falling in love with MTN QwikLoan.

Newman told us that, somewhere October last year, on a Saturday, he was really broke, he couldn’t afford to buy food nor pay his bills. His efforts to get some cash from friends and family were in vein, even his own girlfriend cut down conversation with him because of his situation, surviving was an issue for him.

Even though he knew about MTN QwikLoan, he was scared to apply for it because he didn’t know how and where he will get money to pay back. Whiles he was thinking about the way forward, he fell asleep and had a dream about a lotto number. Immediately he woke up, he check his watch and noticed there was still more time to stake lotto on Saturday.

He doesn’t have money but believed in his dream so he borrowed a 100 Cedis from MTN QwikLoan and staked his lotto with 50 cedis. Lo and behold, Newman won 17,000 cedis when the lottery was announced. Joy and excitement could allow him to celebrate but cry and cry.

He picked his cash, paid all his bills and opened an account. Currently life is good for Newman thanks to MTN QwikLoan.

He said when all abandoned him, QwikLoan was there to rescue him and that’s why he wants to marry QwikLoan just so he keeps it closer.

His story seems confusing but that’s his choice and people need to respect it.

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