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Lapaz: Slay Queen Fights With Boyfriend Over Indomie

My neighbors wife traveled to China to buy goods for her shop. The very day she left, her husband brought a slay queen to the house to spend some days with him while the wife was away.

I was peacefully in my room minding my business when i heard a noise from my neighbors room. I thought it was going down! So i didnt see the need to go out there.

Few minutes later, the noise became loud, Things are being smashed. Am like ooh, this guys are being too dirty. The thing got serious when they threw a saucepan to my door, i opened my door to find out whats is going on.

My neighbor told me it was nothing and he apologized for the saucepan being threw at my door. Before i open my door and get back into my room, the slay queen was like ” You know how starved i am but still want to finish the indomie with me”.

So i called the slay queen and asked her what the problem is, She told me was at home when my neighbor asked her to come over, she honestly told him how hungry she was and my neighbor promised to buy her indomie. What brought the issues was that, my neighbor wanted to finish the indomie with her and she didn’t agree on that. He then slapped her and she also replied by slapping him and that’s where the confusion all started.

As i type, my neighbors 60″ Tv is broken and the wife will be returning from her on Friday. My neighbor is in deep trouble.

What will you do if you were to be in his position?

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