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Female Rapists Attacking Men Around Lapaz, Guys Be Very Careful

A gentleman around Lapaz have cautioned unsuspecting men and the general public to be wary of a group of women accused of sexually assaulting men.

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Two separate incidents were reported last night when four women drugged and “sexually molested” a 29-year-old man whiles they were partying.

According to our source, the gentleman was sitting at his table whiles enjoying is drink, few minutes later 3 ladies joined his table and one of the females forcefully touched the gentleman’s manhood in public where he looked uncomfortable. Another lady also tried to kiss him which he refused.

We were told that, after several hours of drinking and having good time, the man was seen leaving the bar with the ladies together.

Our source who wanted to see what actually happened followed the ladies and the man.

The ladies then entered a house and gates were locked hence our source couldn’t get in but waited until the ladies brought the gentleman out and left him at their gate.

We managed to speak with the gentleman and he narrated all what happened to us.

According to the gentleman, whiles they were sitting at the table, he decided to use the washroom but didn’t know where to locate it so he asked on of the bar attendants where they hold him the washroom is outside the pub. He didn’t know the time the ladies followed him but he said he saw the three of them at the entrance of the washroom while he was going out after using the washroom.

One of the ladies pointed something like a broken bottle to his chest area and told him to do whatever she ask him to do which he complied. He said they asked him to follow them to their house for more fun which he couldn’t refuse because he had a broke bottle pointed on his chest.

He recalled: When we got into the room, there was a fourth lady laying on the bed naked. This didn’t sound right to me, i had wanted to leave but didn’t have a choice because there was a bottle on my chest. They ordered me to go naked and started romancing my whole body. I slept with all four of them that night but i didn’t find it easy at all, I almost died.

I had wanted to report the case to the police but one of the ladies threatened me that whatever happened in their house should remain there.

He urged the general public to be careful and be vigilant.


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