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5 Reasons Why Waakye Is The Ultimate Treasure In Ghana

Waakye is a Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans. It is cooked using many of the methods without additional spices and herbs. The rice is cooked with an indigenous leaf and black eyed peas or kidney beans. It is commonly prepared in the home but it is also sold by roadside vendors.


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1) Waakye heals all wounds and broken heart? Charley fire a plate of waakye, believe me you will be patched and alive again.

2) Waakye will never disappoint you, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, you will be served hot. Waakye got every strategic positions.

3) Waakye supports the economy ans contributes more to our GDP. Poultry farmers, fish mongers, vergetable farmers, Gari millers, Butchers, Spaghetti distributors etc. Just look at the amazing miracles you to when you eat waakye. Charley be a loyal citizen!

4) Waakye is the ultimate diet.

5) Waakye is just amazing and i can say its the main chick. The rest are just side chickens.

Enjoy a plate of waakye every day and help build a better Ghana!

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