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Here are some health benefits of Ginger

Produced in India, the Caribbean, China, West Africa and Southwest
Asia, ginger is a perennial plant that is mostly used in cooking. It has
natural essential oils and it gives a strong, pungent smell and your
dishes a great flavor. But did you know that it’s more than just an
ingredient in your food? It also has various health benefits that you
should read about.

1. Aids digestion

Eating ginger can help you digest your food easily after a heavy
meal. That’s because it has a whole lot of benefits wrapped into it. It
cleanses the colon, clears gas, increases the production of digestive
juices and helps in bowel movements too. All this combined will of
course make you digest your food quite easily.

2. Treats cold and cough

With antiviral, antifungal and antitoxic properties all bundled
in a small piece of ginger, these can help in preventing and treating
cold, cough and congestion. Ginger is also useful in preventing and
treating flu. In fact, in Ayurveda and naturopathy, ginger has been the
traditional medicine to treat cold and cough.

3. Heals an upset stomach

If you have an upset stomach, ginger will be a helpful remedy for you
as it has analgesic and sedative properties. It is also used in healing
severe stomach problems like dyspepsia or colic and diarrhea.

4. Helps in treating gallstones

Ginger can also help in treating gallstones as it helps the bile to
release from the gall bladder. Thus, after sometime the problem of
gallstones can be solved.

5. Prevents some types of cancer

Ginger or more specifically ginger extracts can inhibit the growth of
many types of cancer cells. For starters, it prevents constipation
related cancer, prevents the growth of prostate cancer inducing enzymes,
causes the death of lung cancer cells and prevents the growth of colon
cancer. It also kills breast cancer cell lines, gastric cancer cells and
inhibits ovarian cancer cell growth. Wait, there’s still more. It stops
the spread of lung, kidney, skin, leukemic and pancreatic cancer cells

6. Reduces pain and swelling

Ginger is a quite powerful painkiller and it also has
anti-inflammatory properties. This reduces the pain caused by wounds and
infections. Moreover, it can also reduce arthritic pain.

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