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Guys I Present To You The Foods That Help Will You Satisfy Your Wife

It is only a woman that truly loves her husband that will tell him that
he is not satisfying her in bed and even join him do all it takes to
improve his bedroom skills. Below are things that can help:

Green tea: Drink 1-3 cups per day. From cancer prevention to
weight loss to potentially slowing the development of Alzheimer’s, green
tea has been shown to help fight almost every major medical ill. Hot or
cold, there’s almost nothing better you can drink.

Eggs: Eat three to seven eggs per week. An egg a day is okay.
Here’s why – Eggs contain a heavy-hitting four grams of pure
muscle-building amino acids inside every shell, in addition to boasting
some of the highest naturally available doses around of a vitamin called
choline, which is thought to help enhance memory. They’re the gold
standard in terms of providing all the right nutrients for muscle

Milk: Get three servings of dairy per day. You know milk does a
body good, but you may not know that skipping dairy makes your body
angry, sort of. When you’re not getting enough, your body releases
hormones that cause your cells to retain calcium-and fat, says Michael
Zemel, Ph.D., director of The Nutrition Institute at the University of
Tennessee. Calories still count, so you should drink your milk by the
glass rather than the gallon. But just make sure you get some.

Water: Drink eight 8-oz glasses per day. You know you need to be
drinking more water, and for good reason. Water flushes toxins from your
system, regulates body temp, acts as an insulator for joints, prevents
kidney stones, and supplies the body with a raft of crucial minerals.
Without water, none of the other super-foods would matter.

Although water helps in every way, it may be at its most powerful when
it comes to weight loss. Drinking a glass or two of water a half hour or
so before mealtime, for example, can help take the edge off your

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