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Banku and Tilapia: Every woman’s favourite Ghanaian dish

Let’s face it; women are gradually swapping fancy and highly overpriced
restaurant cuisine for one favourite Ghanaian dish banku and tilapia.

Could it be that chefs in these well-established restaurants are
“losing touch” with their ingredients or women want to eat locally made
Ghanaian dishes, highly nutritious cuisine, or they simply want to try
something new? Your guess could be as right as mine.

Banku, a staple food in Ghana is quite easy to prepare, by using corn
dough and cassava dough and water depending on the thickness you want.

Aside from containing varying amounts of water, corn is mainly composed
of carbohydrates and has small amounts of protein and fat.

Also, the cassava used contains a B-complex group of vitamins such as
folates, thiamin, pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), riboflavin, and pantothenic

Fresh tilapia is marinated with various local spices and grilled under
moderate heat based on customers request retaining all its essential
nutrients needed by the body.

Due to its fresh state, tilapia is the preferred choice for people on a
diet since it can be fried, baked, or smoked without any spices and

Those not into frozen foods can easily enjoy fresh tilapia without any health complications.

What makes tilapia different from other fishes? Tilapia is a delicious,
lean white fish which has the weight loss abilities, boost overall
metabolism, build strong bones, and reduces the risk of various chronic

Tilapia prevents various types of cancer, reduces signs of aging,
boosts the health of your hair, and strengthens the immune system.

The pepper, tomatoes and onions used in the preparation of the
accompanying hot pepper to the banku and tilapia not only contains
essential nutrients by other beauty benefits such as flawless skin,
prevents wrinkles and promotes growth of hair.

On the commercial side, small-scale entrepreneurs are making fortunes
each day from rearing tilapia artificially, no high cost of importation
duties and based on personal observation; these artificial tilapia are
well fed and juicy enough to entice buyers.

The tilapia caught from the rivers is somehow not allowed by folks in
the local fishing communities to grow due to the desire to make extra

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