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Afua Gameshie

Meet Madam Afua Gameshie Who Is Doing Very Well With Her Asana Business

Madam Afua Gameshie started her Asana business 2 years ago when she losed her career job as an accountant in one of the collapsed banks in the capital.

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She tried all she could do to get herself a job she is qualified for, but all her efforts were worthless.

After being unemployed for 5years, Madam Afua Gameshie decided to invest the little money she had save during her banking times.

According to her, she tried soo many business which didn’t work for her. She went to Togo to bring fabrics, after few months the fabric business collapsed. She then sold foreign cooking utensils which didn’t do well for her. She opened a small eatery and that collapsed within a short period.

Madam Afua Gameshie almost gave up in life but a friend came to her aid and introduced the Asana business to her. Madam Afua Gameshie only had 50 cedis with her when she finally decided to try the Asana business.

True hard work and dedications, Madam Afua Gameshie said she makes an amazing profit every month carrying the pot on her head and selling Asana.

She said” Even though i had wanted to give up, i still believed there was one last thing i could survive on,though it didn’t come to me early, am glad it came now”

Never give up!


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