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Florence Karamin Is A Young Entrepreneur Who Saw An Opportunity In Cosmetics Business

Florence Karamin is a young entrepreneur who saw an opportunity in cosmetics business.

She is an outstanding talent with over 3 years of experience in the cosmetics business, Florence Karamin is the CEO of Yipala Cosmetic, a unique skin care product for all, with a touch of Ghanaian tradition, providing total comfort and excellent skin solutions.

Florence Karamin was born in Accra, to Mr John Yipala Karamin & Madam Cecilia Yipala Karamin. She is the last but one of five children and began her education at St. Teresa’s Primary School and Jhs. She continued her secondary education at the Adonten Senior High where she studied Home Economics. Thereafter, she gained admission to IPMC College and later went to International Travel And Tourism Institute.

Her passion for trading started in her days at the IPMC College when she was engaged in selling jewelries and clothing to her fellow students.

She recalls: “I have always loved to do business. So when I went to the IPMC I wanted to do some business on campus but my parents did not support the idea. There were concerned it will distract my studies. However, I did my business without their knowledge. I started selling jewelries and clothing to my colleagues.”

“The business gained grounds to the point where the students waited for me at the school’s gate on Sundays when they knew I was going for a new consignment. All this while, my family was not aware.

So during the vacation I bought gifts to family and they were surprised how I got the money. I told them I do some little business in school. They were happy for me, but still expressed their concern about the effect it can have on my studies. So in my final year they advised me to put it on hold and concentrate on my studies. which I heeded to,” she said.

The story of how Florence became an entrepreneur seems to be an interesting one. It all came out of an ‘angelic’ visit by a friend of her mother who has some serious skin problems.

“I was in Achimota when my mother’s friend came to visit and brought with her some serious skin issues which was really bad. When I saw it I remembered I used to see my dad use some organic products to treat certain skin disease. But when he is preparing his medicines i dont bother learning the ingredients he uses since i have no interest in that until i saw the problem my mothers friend had.

I called my dad and told him her conditions and he showed me some organic products i could grab from the market, to prepare some treatements for my mothers friend.

Worked like magic, barely a week, everything disappeared and her skin was back to it normal state.

That was when i got to know that, skin care is part of me so i started doing my research and learning from my dad as well.

I also researched some skin products in the market and found out that, there are too many chemicals out there which is harmful to the skin. This skin care products are harming the skin really bad to the extend of giving serious issues to individuals.

After my research, i got back to my table and started producing my own organic, non chemical skin care products. My first sample was used by myself and ever since then, it became a family product.

In early 2016 i built my small factory in my bedroom and started producing my skin care products in small quantities where i just give them to family and friends to use, just so i see the results and feedback from their skin.

Through my test, i started getting recommendations gradually and my business picked up from there, orders keep coming in.

Of course capital has been the major problem of most entrepreneurs in the country. For Florence, she managed to save some funds while selling cloths on campus during her college times so she was able to push herself with her little savings. And her family has also been supportive one way or the other just to keep her dream alive.

It is Florence’s vision to make Yipala Cosmetics a house hold name in Ghana and get them unto the international market. She also has as one of her main goals, to provide employment especially for the young ladies in her community.

Locate Yipala Cosmetic:

HNO 7 Dome Kwabenya
Oscar Junction/ Kingdom Hall Street

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Facebook: @Yipalacosmetics

Twitter: @Yipalacosmetics

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