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Critics Of My ‘Remove Your Pantie’ Campaign Ignorant – Baby Blanche

Ghanaian actress, Blanche Nana Adomaa Worae, popularly known as Baby Blanche has described critics of her ‘Operation Remove Your Dross’ campaign as naïve and ignorant.

According to the actress she expected Ghanaians to take a minute to understand the message she was trying to put across before drawing their conclusions but that didn’t happen.

She is however not disappointed as she says the “insults actually even helped the whole thing and it took my message across”.

In an interview with GhanaWeb’s Albert Benefor Buabeng, the actress noted she has come to accept critiques because whenever she makes a statement it draws reactions from many people and even sometimes causes controversies.

“Well I’m not surprised it seems anytime Baby comes out to say something there will be controversies and I have come to accept it, maybe it’s just my being and I’m not affected by insult anymore,” she said.

She added that her campaign, ‘Operation Remove Your Dross’ was very successful because the message she wanted to put across was heard by the whole world and her critics played a key role in that success.

Miss Blanche emphasized that even though her purpose was met she can’t force Ghanaian ladies to stop wearing panties.

She stated that “I can’t go room to room and check if they are really practising it on not but the few feedbacks that I’ve got from people means I’ve got people who are trying what I preached so it’s fine”.

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