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Ibrahim Abubakari Jimbah

My First Time Traveling To Keta And The Amazing Experience

My journey started at exactly 8:30am on Saturday morning. It was a charity thing at the Keta Government Hospital which involved three different groups, Dress A Kid, YALI And Food For All,our bus was supposed to move at exactly 6:00am but there was a little delays and this kind of delays are normal.

We moved from the Accra mall at 8:30am,had to pick the rest of the team along the tema motorway, 18th Junction was our first stop, (My very first time hearing about this juntion) even though i have used the motorway way often. We also stopped at the Tema roundabout to pick the rest of the team members and we officially started our journey to the volta region.

Dress A Kid

We had an awesome and smooth drive, our driver, Mr. Lomotey looked very much serious and professional, that’s was one thing i liked about him even though he made us delayed on the road, he really paid attention to the speed signs on the road and gradually took us to our destination. But we missed the road along the journey. According to the driver he was on the actual road but some team members said road was too long so he need to turn around and use the Dabala junction turn. We had a little arguments before the bus could turn around since we were all confused especially those who were using google map to find the actual route. At the end of our argument, we had to turn around and come back to use the Dabala road. It took us almost 30 minutes to come back since we passed the junction long ago.

We took the Dabala road and in less than two hours and some minutes, we were in Keta. Personally i taught our driver was being too professional since he had to get down from the bus and do some calculations before we could finally enter the premises of the hospital.

Dress A Kid

We sorted ourselves out, did the donations and registered 120 children on the NHIS program. We spent 2 hours in the hospital and after the donations, we headed to a team members house to have lunch.There was varieties of food but i chose Ewokple since i wanted to try something new.Ewokple is just like banku but it was wrapped in a leaf and tasted different from banku. It was very smooth and well behaved during swallowing.

I enjoyed my Ewokple with some Abobi stew and a sauce with fried goat meat. Fisrt time eating Ewokple and i must say, i really enjoyed the dish.

Dress A Kid

We were supposed to eat on the lagoon but unfortunately, the place was locked hence we sat outside and the experience was awesome. I think sitting outside made the food more delicious. I definitely will love to eat Ewokple again but am not sure its served in Accra.

So we left keta around 5:15pm and spent 3 and half hours to get back to Accra.Traveling for the first time, seeing different things and eating something new is a special moment for me. It was an amazing experience for me since that was my first time going to the volta region and tasting Ewokple. It was my first seeing the lagoon with a shed on top.

I definitely will visit Keta again.

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