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Price Of Gob3 (York3 Gari) Stays Same But Quantity Reduced Drastically

Ghanaian beans stew normally called red-red by the D’Bees and Gob3 by the street is a traditionally dish served with gari and fried plantains. The dish derived it name from the color imparted to it by the red palm oil and red pepper.

Enjoy your Gob3 (beans stew) with yam, rice, banku, kenkey, boiled ripe/ unripe plantains, sweet plantains or gari. It’s never a boring day when there’s beans stew in the house!

Most people prefer eating their Gob3 with plenty gari just so it will last in their system for long. A university of Ghana, Legon, student made us understand that, He eats Gob3 with plenty gari for breakfast and this allows him to stay full till late at night, all he needs is water.

According to our market survey, The price of Gob3 seems the same but the quantity has reduced drastically. Before you get three ladles of beans and four table spoon of gari for 2 cedis but currently, you get 2 ladles of beans and 1 and half gari for 2 cedis which is really not sad.

This current occurrence has got soo many boys thinking about the way to cut manage their food intake budget due to the current reduction in the quantity of Gob3.

Its unknown to us weather a demonstration will be staged to draw some attention to this current happening or not. We will keep our heads up and get you more information.

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