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Waste management

Looking To Invest In Ghana? Waste Management Is A Quick Business Start Up

Waste management are the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste, together with monitoring and regulation of the waste management process.

In Ghana, we mostly cry about black plastic bags choking our gutters, sachet water rubbers flying everywhere on our streets, food waste pilling up our landfills are just some examples of waste materials destroying our environment.

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We get frustrated when we see this dirt around us but we refuse to do something about them. ZoomLion decided to do something about it and look at where they are today. But the funny aspect is, ZoomLion is not able to service the whole people of Accra countless of Ghana so why dont you invest in the business to make some doe!

Waste management is a big business in many countries in terms of recycling, disposal etc.

Many of our waste is food waste (kenkey wrappers, plantain & yam peelings, fruit and vegetable spoilage) which when recycled can be used as compost or fertilizer. This can be sold to our farmers who either do not use fertilizer or conform to using too much fertilizer. Natural compost is organic, organic good is for farming.

How to Start a Garbage Collection Business

Opening a garbage collection business can appear to be a simple matter of buying a pick up truck and getting started. But there are other steps that must be taken to ensure your ability to operate and succeed. Business licenses, geographic plotting and advertising are steps that can help strengthen the business and keep you organized so you can grow the business.

Items You Will Need:

Physical fitness
One or more pickup trucks
Large rectangle wood boards
Business license

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