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Looking For A Business To Invest In With A Small Capital? Waakye Is An Option

Waakye is a Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans. It is cooked using many of the methods without additional spices and herbs. The rice is cooked with an indigenous leaf and black eyed peas or kidney beans. It is commonly prepared in the home but it is also sold by roadside vendors.

Per our research, you can spend an amount of 500 cedis to start up a waakye business and believe us, you will make a jaw dropping profits after sales. You could only lose when you are not familiar with things so we will advise you to speak with someone who is familiar with the market to talk you through and if possible, some contacts in the market.

Speaking to an expert who has been in the waakye business for 15years now, she made it clear that the waakye business is a very good business if only you know how to handle your stuff really well. She made it clear to us that, she makes up to 200% profit every day. Meaning she doubles her invested money.

According to her, whenever she goes to the market, she buys everything extra so she can stay in production for like 3 days without going to the market. The only thing she makes sure they are fresh is her vegetables for salad. That, she gets them from a local farmer who brings to her every morning.

Starting a waakey business is not difficult at all and if you are really serious with it, you will establish branches like i did. I current own 10 branches in Accra central, Osu and Circle. She disclosed.

Below Are A Few Things Needed To Start A Waakye Business

The Ingredients Include:
Rice, Beans, Dry Sorghum Leaves, Meat, Fish Wele Etc.

One Also Needs A Table And A Plastic Con­Tainer, Preferably An Ice Chest, To Keep The Food Warm.


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