Men Who Smoke & Drink Contribute To Miscarriage In Women – Doctor

Obstetrician and Gynecologist at 37 Military Hospital, Dr. Caroline Ladzekpo said men who wish to become fathers should quit smoking and drinking because that may cut short their dreams.

She explained that men who smoke and drink put their pregnant partners at risk, a situation which can lead to early miscarriage.

Speaking on Adom FM’s health reality show for pregnant women, ‘NYINSEN NE AWUO’, the doctor said smoking and drinking damages the sperms of men and that affects their potency to fertilize ovaries.

She explained some of these weak sperms sometimes manage to fertilize embryos of their partners but the pregnancy gets destroyed in no time.

Dr. Ladzekpo said there are two main types of miscarriages, namely early and late miscarriage, adding that early miscarriage usually occur before the pregnancy is 10 weeks old, whiles late miscarriage happens between 14 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.

She also warned that self medication is another cause of miscarriage, and advised expectant mothers to desist from self medication and rather seek medical assistance from health professionals whenever they experience any abnormal pains.

Dr. Caroline Ladzekpo again advised that expectant mothers, especially first timers should avoid taking caffeine related foods and drinks since it also leads to miscarriage.

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