Let’s Wipe Our Tears And Ask Some Tough Questions – Kwame Gyan

Let’s wipe our tears and ask some tough questions. It’s a good time to ask when the pain is fresh and we can easily relate. We have a very short memory and we know it.

1. Why is the Police report circulating on social media like it is some normal, viral joke?
Should that be a public document just yet or one for police work?

2. Why will we not take action against the road contractor who left a heap of sand in the middle of the road without adequate signage or warning?

3. Why are we not angry at the fact that large portions of our roads are not lighted although each time we pay our electricity bill a part goes to ostensibly cover for street lighting?

4. Why are we not angry at the Ghana Highway people for the murderous nature of our roads? We think it’s ok that virtually every road either has man holes, non existing markings, no street lights or a mixture of all of that?

5. Why do we never ask what the toll booths monies are used for? It’s not strange to find dilapidating stretches just before or after toll booths and no one tells us why. See the Tema Motorway. They make 1000s of cedis daily but see the state of that road. It’s taking us 60 years to expand it and when a truck breaks down on the road, we literally shut it down for us long as the truck lays on its side….in 2018!

6. Why do we allow people into mortuaries and do not stop them from talking photos? As Kwaku Sakyi-Addo mentioned earlier, do we see the dead bodies of people killed in terrorist attacks? So why do we think it’s cool?

Yes accidents happen but in our case, the basic, unavoidable things is what causes these. But typical of us, we will mourn today, tomorrow and jump into another matter and show up to mourn again at their funeral and that is it. We will then wait for the next accident.

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