Big Events Ghana Celebrates Nominees Of RTP Awards 2017

On the 19th of September 2017 at the Holiday Inn Hotel, we made history by organising the first ever Live Television Nomination Unveil in Ghana to put our nominees in the spotlight and to celebrate them accordingly. .
With over six thousand five hundred filed nominations (the highest in the history of the awards), being shortlisted is in itself a victory and that prompted the fantastic unveiling creatively organised by Big Events Ghana.

Universally, eventual winners of every award scheme are the people who get most if not all the plaudits. With RTP Awards, our first set of winners are those in the industry who defied the risk of not being shortlisted and subjected themselves and their work to the rigorous scrutiny the awards is noted for.

It is a clear indication that beyond the confidence they have in their ability to deliver and the quality of their work over the period under review: they trusted in the content of their work and that to us means a lot.

The main aim of the Awards is to recognize, reward and celebrate deserving media personalities whilst motivating others in the industry to elevate their standards to ensure focus is placed on providing quality, relevant and educative content to the public.

Radio and television plays a vital role in shaping the thinking of people through education, entertainment and keeping the masses updated with socioeconomic issues impacting their irrespective of distance and time.

In view of this, the voices (presenters), pockets (stations owners) and brains (producers, policy makers, and technical teams) deserve to be the focus of the nation and celebrated because their contributions have influenced our society positively.

Visit for the full list of Nominees for RTP Awards 2017.

Congratulations to nominees of RTP Awards 2017, all who filed for the nominations and may the best personality win on the night of 28th November WHEN WE ALL DREAM IN GOLD.

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