Women Glow When Pampered And Respected – Actress

Nigerian actress Monalisa Chinda has indicated that women glow when they are pampered and respected by their husbands and boyfriends.

The pretty actress believes women look attractive when they are happy or healthy.

According to her, African men fail to understand that acts of love and respect bring out the best in women calling on Nigerian men and Africans as a whole to make their partners happy.

“A man must derive pleasure from serving his girlfriend (or) wife. This can only be achieved in a relationship based on true love and mutual respect.

A woman becomes even more beautiful and adorable for the man that pampers her. African men (fail) to understand that acts of love and respect bring out the best in a woman,” she wrote on her social media page.

Monalisa who has experienced broken marriage before advised people not to be clouded by their emotions when in relationships.

“Don’t let your emotions becloud your judgment; you have to use your head at all times. I believe I’m a humble person and I don’t have any problem admitting it when I’m wrong. I have also learnt to be patient and not make hasty decisions.

In all, marriage is a lifelong training ground so you learn every day. It is important to understand the person you’re in a relationship with; know their likes and dislikes and that should guide your conduct, so that you wouldn’t have issues,’ the film producer told nigeriafilms.

Monalisa described his new husband as a God-fearing who has a good relationship with his family.

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